What is Wrong With Our Culture (Alan Watts)


8 thoughts on “What is Wrong With Our Culture (Alan Watts)

  1. This is a very interesting video.
    I wonder if the TV aspect he mentions hasn’t changed with the rise of the internet and social media. Sure, it’s no colossal banquet or orgy of lovemaking or riot of music and dancing, but it’s not as isolated as watching TV anymore. Of course I’m not unaware of the arguments that say social media is making people more isolated and unhappy, but maybe people are at least a little less passive in their isolation behind their computer screens than they were in front of the TV?
    What are other people’s thoughts on this?

    1. The internet does get my brain working far more than TV ever did. With TV I used to sit and watch most evenings for several hours and didn’t always enjoy what I was watching. At least I have a choice with the internet and read more than I watch, but there remains a certain level of separation with my immediate environment for several hours each evening. That’s kind of weird, and yet enjoyable.

  2. There are many things wrong with our culture… Television and internet are one of them in my opinion… As the video says, people are segregated… I believe that in a lot of ways, people are segregated by their own ignorance and some times stupidity as well! Now, that is not to say that a person is stupid or ignorant… I am simply saying that people are as such.

    There is much less sharing of information and much more sharing of “opinion” instead of actual facts when people do get together and converse instead of watching the boob tube or whatever…

    Just my opinion though… take it for what you want.

    1. People are often segregated by ignorance and stupidity and perhaps the content on TV feeds that all the more? I don’t watch as much TV as I used to when I was a child. But I do feel more and more I’m staring into a screen for far more hours than perhaps is healthy. We do appear to find screens and the internet, very addictive.

      1. You are correct. TV (in my opinion) does make people a little bit more ignorant. I too stare at a screen (absolutely) more than is healthy. I have no reason aside from not being very sociable most of the time… I (over the past few years) have become more and more of a shut in because I see the evil things people can and will do to each other… Its scary, but I know it is not healthy to be that fearful… Everyone has to die some time. Right! lol! I thin screens are very addictive because people feel that when they are looking at a screen, then they don’t have to suffer those awkward moments with other people… it makes it easier to escape reality!

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