2 thoughts on “THAT ONE LIGHT

  1. HA! Yes, yes, happened to me just last night. I have a DVR clock that shows the time in bright orange. Can’t get rid of it, so every night I cover it, but crawled into bed, lights off, turned over and then…..Aw man, there’s the time in orange lights!!! the worst! Unfortunately, I can’t cover the tiny, but bright green blinking light on my ceiling smoke detector. This made me laugh, thanks!

    1. Haha…I know how you feel! 😀 I haven’t had that kind of thing for some years but remember being very annoyed by things that glowed in the night. I’m so tired these days, I sleep almost instantly, plus I have a low night light in the room, which helps because I’m not in total darkness – don’t notice anything!

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