Kisses for the frog king

Lovely Wine Grapes

A little green frog. In the world of fairytales not that cute, but instead fat and ugly. Certainly not a golden crown on the head. However, helpful and persistent. Magic is involved. A kiss from a princess, and wow, frog transformed into a handsome young prince.

Grimm Frog King and Princess

In Palatine Flemlingen the princess is named Regine. A kiss, and wow, a beautiful wine is brought to life. The king is her father Theo Minges, the kingdom Weingut Theo Minges.

“It was my father’s idea,” says Regine Minges. “The wine rests untouched in the tank, when opened, kissed awake.”

Well, the idea may be her father’s. The label is of princess Regine design. Der Froschkönig, that is the King frog in German.

Theo Minges Der Froschkönig

Riesling is the grape. Of course, the king of grapes.  Spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel tank without temperature control. Dry or sweetish, nature will decide. No sulphur added, neither during fermentation nor when it…

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