Crisped Rice Cheese Wafers

the vegetarian ginger

As I’m sure many of you did over the holidays, I over-indulged. Chocolate, cheese, bread, booze…almost every single day to the point where I feel I could live off smoothies and soup forever. Of course that only lasts a day until I rediscover my love for pizza, but still, I try.

These wafers are honestly perfect for any occasion, all year round. Easy to find ingredients, simple instructions and can be made ahead months in advance. I made them gluten-free this time around but I have made them in the past using all-purpose flour and regular rice krispies and it works just as well.

If you’ve never encountered it, Imperial cheese is very salty and creamy. Delicious for finger foods but you want to make sure to give it a little taste to emphasize why you don’t need salted butter for this recipe. If you can’t find any, shard cheddar…

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