Cashew Milk = Coffee Magic!

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Cashew Milk 1 - 1 Cashew Milk 0 - 1

I love coffee and tea… hot or cold… just a little sweetener and some half and half, it makes getting up in the morning so much better! The one thing I must have in my coffee is cream, I can skip the sweetener, but absolutely not the creamer! This is one of my challenges, I really try to limit how much dairy I consume each day, so I am always trying to find good alternatives to dairy. I have tried many brands of non-dairy milks; rice, hemp, soy, almond and coconut, you name it I have tried it! Nothing has really managed to meet the creamy requirement my half and half offers… until I tried cashew milk. This milk was creamy and delicious and was the closest thing I had found to half and half so far.

I am all about healthy and simple… and inexpensive and delicious! Unfortunately, finding all…

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