Tangzhong (water roux) Cheese Loaf

I decided that it was time to embrace the internet again. And to save my recipes somewhere on this vast black hole of craziness. And to start using Instagram again: once you get past the narcissism and selfies/ootds (which I used to want to take; and, nothing against my friends who do, you guys look amazing), it is a treasure trove of inspiration. This recipe, however, was not inspired by anything on Instagram; Instead it was inspired by my mother, who gently reminded me that my creations were slightly too weird (or too fancy) for this humble household, and that she wanted something simple. So I gave her a cheddar cheese loaf, inspired in part by our favourite cheese bread from Freshly baked. I honestly felt that the bread did not have that same sharp taste of cheese which I so love, but I didn’t want to go too heavy since…

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