Cheesy Ham Basil and Parmesian Pizza Yeast Rolls




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Buttery, cheesy, ooey, gooey, and loaded with spices and flavors.   This bread is sure to delight anyone’s senses.   It’s quick not only in making and baking, but in cleaning up with a little organization skills lol.

As you all should know by now, pizza is my ultimate favorite food and my kryptonite lol.  Show me a slice and I’m ready to chow down haha.



I basically used my Quick Honey Sage Yeast Rolls recipe with a few minor changes and adjustments. In place of the Sage, I used garlic powder and Basil. I decided to keep the honey to bring extra flavor and softness to the bread. I also used less sugar.

I bought those cubed pieces of ham that you can find by the pepperoni and cheese. I used pizza sauce and three different kinds of cheeses. You use whatever you want. Just be sure not to over stuff…

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3 thoughts on “Cheesy Ham Basil and Parmesian Pizza Yeast Rolls

    1. You’re welcome Stephy! These are so different, never seen anything quite like these before. It’s very warm weather where I am at the moment, but as soon as it cools down and I’m in the mood for getting that oven hot, I shall try these, and pass the recipe on too! 😀

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