Say Goodbye to Ants

Newhouse & Sun Construction

ANTS!! They drive you crazy. They’re in your cupboards, on your counters, in your sugar bowl, under your sinks, crawling up your leg… ENOUGH!


So off you go to buy some ant traps. Once home, you stand in your kitchen trying to decide where the safest place to put them is. I mean let’s face it, this stuff is poison! Most of us either have children, pets or just plain don’t want it anywhere near our food. Then you start thinking about how toxic this stuff is and how as a society we are supposed to be going GREEN, blah blah and then you are left with the dilemma, which is worse..the damn traps or the ants?

What if I told you there was a better way? A way that was natural AND that you probably had the solution already in your home? Well, it’s true. There are all natural…

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