Simple Reversible Tote Bag

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Reversible tote bagsFireball’s kindergarten was having their annual bazaar last month. So, I did my part by sewing a few tote bags to sell. The bazaar committee provided us with the sewing pattern and fabrics. It is really simple and straightforward, so I thought I’ll share with you my sewing process.

Step by step here we go!

(1) To make a pair of handles, I was given four stripes of 30 x 4.5 cm fabrics. (2) Zigzag finishing at the ends of the stripes. Then on each stripe, fold in 1 cm on each side and press it down with an iron (the width of each handle will become 2.5 cm). A pair of matching stripes on top of each other (wrong side touching), and sew a 0.2 cm seam on the sides. (3) For the body, I was given 2 pieces of cut fabrics, 31 x 52 cm each. (You can adjust the sizes to your liking).Reversible tote bag(4) Take one of…

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