Walnut & Mocha Fancies

Phil's Kitchen (formerly Baking Fanatic)

Post updated: April 2015 (a different icing used & slight tweak to the cake)

These are not quite those wonderful fancies using fondant icing (although fondant icing does work well here) but my take using a ganache coating and a little coffee glaze for richness, an additional coffee hit and a shiny finish.

Coffee, chocolate and walnut are my favourite combination here but the variations are endless.

These fancies can be made as large or as small but I think they are at their most glorious when made small.

Ringing the changes:

I have sometimes made up some caramelised walnuts, crushed them and added a small handful to the coffee buttercream filling. Some of the caramelised walnuts sprinkled over the top the cake once the glaze has been poured over them adds a nice finish, although these are best eaten on the day as the caramel softens.

A zesty lemon sponge with a…

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