Cherry Berry Flaky Crust Pie




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Hey guys, so I have this routine where almost every Sunday I spend the morning with my husband without our daughters where he takes me to Huddle House for breakfast.   This is a time where we enjoy each others company alone.   Seeing that our daughters are getting older and are now young ladies and the oldest is headed to college in about a month, we are finding ourselves having more and more alone time.   Lol.  Yes, I’m at that stage in my life and I’m almost at a loss of feeling inadequate
of my worth.   Guess I’ll have to be patient for some grand children. Haha.

So, back to what I was saying.   My husband and I had a nice breakfast and on the way home I had what I was gonna make for supper planned and had no idea of what to make for dessert.   Once home I scoured…

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