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Spring moon


A hazy moon barely illuminating
the profound darkness of that night
I tossed and turned and drifted among
the shadows punctuating the night,
within that narrow space
between awake and restful sleep.

I wound through shadowed passageways
of long forgotten memories
and dreams so far unfulfilled,
each illumination bursting into
what began as peaceful sleep.
Screeching and slashing visions
overtook my once-sweet dreams,
spinning and swirling
and turning what had begun
as a rather peaceful night
completely inside out
and upside down.

So in a moment and an instant
my broken and tattered
emotions tossed aside,
I desperately tried to recover
what was left of me inside;
trying to collect all the tears
that I had shed,
gathering up the pieces
of what was left to mend,
putting back together
all the fragments of a broken heart
that seemed so battered
and torn apart
with no…

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