White Chocolate and Cranberry Fudge




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Sometimes a girl just has to have fudge!   I wanted to make something different than the ordinary though.   So, I thought the best and prettiest fudge would be pink, or at least in my mind lol! 

Maybe Cranberry……..with real Cranberries!   But to help achieve the color and the flavor, I used Cranberry Jello mix!  Not a lot though.

And of course white chocolate to get that pretty pink.   Milk or any dark chocolate and I wouldn’t achieve it!


This fudge is also really creamy with the addition of marshmallow fluff!  Only the pink part, which is the top part, has Cranberry flavor.   The bottom is only white chocolate.   It mixes in your mouth for an awesome combination!   I’m in Cranberry heaven!   Lol! 

This recipe is really quite easy and doesn’t take that long.   With little cleanup, this is one of the best fudge recipes so far in my eyes!


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