DIY Soy Candles


Looking to create a unique gift? Or do you need an activity to keep the kids entertained these school holidays? Look no further! Soy candles are simple to make and best of all they are non-toxic, deliciously scented, and slow burning. What’s not to love.

1What you’ll need:

Soy Wax – Soy wax is 100% vegetable, made with pure Soybean oil, which means it is all natural and biodegradable. We bought the supplies from Perth Candle Supplies. You can place the order online and pick up in-store or they can ship Australia wide.


Small Jars  – This is where you can get creative with how you like the candles to look. Small glass cups, mason jars, tea cups or tins make great containers.

Pretabbed wicks – these wicks have a flat surface so you can attach an adhesive (like candle stickers or hot glue) to the bottom and secure to…

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