Easter Jars

Getting loads of treats over Easter is amazing but sometimes you just have no where to put them so Happiness is Homemade have created some springtime jars. They are so beautiful you can have them out on display. The best thing is they are super easy to do and you can get them out year after year.


Start with a clean Mason jar and some vinyl stickers. The stickers used on these jars are from the Silhouette Store and cost 65p each. Alternatively you can print out and use the template I have provided below. Apply the stickers to the smooth side of the jar, and press firmly to make sure they’re completely stuck to the glass.


Paint the jar with a chalky finish paint. You may also use a spray paint but if you do this then flip the jar upside down just to make sure no paint goes inside the jar. Allow…

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Nielly Francoise’s Incredible Portraits.

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Nielly Francoise has been prominently featured on this blog more than once, and the work continues to speak for itself.  Check out a new 2016 collection.


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