Deco Roll Cake with sweet potato cream/Bánh cuộn nhân khoai lang kem tươi

Memory Lane


I knew I would want to write and bake something for my blog’s first anniversary, which is sometime in April. When I logged in 2 nights ago, I got a friendly reminder of the blog’s anniversary – “today” – with 5 minutes remaining till midnight. I can’t whip up a post in 5 minutes. Luckily I happened to bake today, so, I did bake for my blog’s first anniversary in the end without knowing and preparing 🙂
I revisited the Deco roll cake (my first post on it is here). I am very much in love with the version created by the famous Japanese author, the mother of “Kawaii” deco roll cakes, Junko. I came across her recipe from Cake Geek and now have read her book “Deco Roll Cake”. Reading it have renewed my interests in (and craving of) this super soft, delicious and so easy to do…

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