Guest Recipe Post: Summer Chia Seeds Pudding

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This week we have a special guest post from food photography and recipes blog, Cooking Without Limits. You can see more of her amazing photography at her Facebook page: Gabriela Lupu Photography. Take a look at some of her incredible photos and give the page a “like” while you’re over there!

Gabriela has shared with us a delicious recipe that uses fresh strawberries.

Summer Chia Seeds Pudding

Delicious anGAB_8592_resd nutrition-rich red colored strawberries are among the most popular berries. The berries are native to Europe but now they are widely cultivated as an important commercial crop in many temperate regions all over the world. These berries have the taste that varies from quite sweet to acidic.

Strawberries are available year-round in the stores but are fresh and plentiful from the spring through the mid-summer. Avoid those appear dull, sunken or flattened and those with signs of mold…

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A Pack Filled In Heart!

Be Different Buddy


Susan Cale is just so right over here.. you come empty handed and you go empty handed when speaking materiallistically.
We as humans have so many negative feelings for other fellow humans like jealousy, ego, hatred and the list goes on..yeah I know we are humans and these feeling are just very natural but what my point here is that sometimes these feelings make a person take some really cold and ruthless decisions which may just increase their chances of going to hell  (I mean you know what I mean :p)

Why not live peacefully without any burden on your shoulders?? This is the fact of life that you’ll have to die and yo away from this world one fine day..

Let us all make sure that we spread enough positivity that when we die we are rich from our hearts!❤❤❤

Keep Smiling!
Akiraa 🙂

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I close my eyes like a good little boy at night in bed,
as I was told to do by my mother when she lived,
and before bed I brush my teeth and slip on my pajamas,
as I was told, and look forward to tomorrow.
I do all things required of me to make me a citizen of sterling worth.
I keep a job and come home each evening for dinner. I arrive at the
same time on the same train to give my family a sense of order.
I obey traffic signals. I am cordial to strangers, I answer my
mail promptly. I keep a balanced checking account. Why can’t I
live forever?


“Pull up a chair.  Take a taste.  Come join us.  Life is so endlessly delicious.”

Ruth Reichl
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DIY Fourth of July Crafts

Wonderful Creations Blog

Happy Fourth of July! I am celebrating Independence Day by making lots of festive red, white, and blue crafts. Check out the projects below for some patriotic ideas for your home. Enjoy!

1. Glitter and Glue Fireworks

This is a fun craft project you can do with children to help celebrate the holiday.


  • Construction Paper
  • Glitter (Red, White, and Blue)
  • School Glue

20160701_174144 (2)


  • Draw fireworks designs on a sheet of black construction paper with school glue.

20160701_174655 (2)

  • Pour glitter over the design.

20160701_174823 (2)

  • Repeat the previous steps for the other glitter colors.

20160703_151545 (2)

2. Tulle Garland with Lights


  • Red, White, Blue Tulle
  • Mini Lights
  • String
  • Star Stickers (optional)

20160701_165128 (2)


  • Cut strips of tulle, then tie the tulle around a long piece of string.

20160701_170022 (2)

  • Once the string is covered with tulle, wrap the mini lights around the tulle garland.

20160703_152236 (2)

  • Add star stickers to the garland (optional).

20160703_152332 (2)

  • Turn on the lights!

20160703_152653 (2)

3. Table…

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