DIY Fourth of July Crafts

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Happy Fourth of July! I am celebrating Independence Day by making lots of festive red, white, and blue crafts. Check out the projects below for some patriotic ideas for your home. Enjoy!

1. Glitter and Glue Fireworks

This is a fun craft project you can do with children to help celebrate the holiday.


  • Construction Paper
  • Glitter (Red, White, and Blue)
  • School Glue

20160701_174144 (2)


  • Draw fireworks designs on a sheet of black construction paper with school glue.

20160701_174655 (2)

  • Pour glitter over the design.

20160701_174823 (2)

  • Repeat the previous steps for the other glitter colors.

20160703_151545 (2)

2. Tulle Garland with Lights


  • Red, White, Blue Tulle
  • Mini Lights
  • String
  • Star Stickers (optional)

20160701_165128 (2)


  • Cut strips of tulle, then tie the tulle around a long piece of string.

20160701_170022 (2)

  • Once the string is covered with tulle, wrap the mini lights around the tulle garland.

20160703_152236 (2)

  • Add star stickers to the garland (optional).

20160703_152332 (2)

  • Turn on the lights!

20160703_152653 (2)

3. Table…

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