the disappearance of Adele Bedeau. by Graeme Macrae Burnet

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Purchased by chance, or rather by me, in Hatchards, the gorgeous bookshop on Piccadilly, it’s seldom you read a book as well executed as its cover. The classical image of a man and his carafe of red wine sums up the wide range of nocturnal entertainment options in Saint-Louis. This is not a Butlins. But one of thousands of towns in the sleepier parts of Europe, in which time trots by, untouched by hypermarkets, the Internet or personal drones. There’s the sense that a box set of Narcs or Sons of Anarchy could change the town forever, as the residents flock around to see how shiny DVDs are.

It’s against this backdrop that the underwhelming, yet well-dressed detective Georges Gorki finds himself investigating the disappearance of waitress Adele Bedeau from Restaurant de la Cloche. He remains haunted by an unsolved case 20 years earlier.

It’s a literary whodunit of which there are not…

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