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8 thoughts on “DUST

    1. Interesting you should say that, I was little worried in the back of my mind this wasn’t Picasso’s words. I originally found a quote that said “Books wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life” I loved that idea, but was doubtful about it’s reality as no quote was giving the name who said it. Then I found this art one linked to Picasso. I did quite a bit of Google searching and it seemed genuine, loads of people sharing that quote.

      Google never came up with anything to do with Jazz and Art Blakey until I searched for it under his name. So I did some more research and eventually found this website called ‘Quote Investigator’. If what they are saying is correct, which I get the feeling it is, neither art or jazz, and certainly not books are correct.

      They have stated it goes back to a German novel published in 1864 by Berthold Auerbach. Later translated into English in 1867. This is the paragraph the quote is from. [I know every art wishes now to isolate itself and be independent, and not to be subject to others. A drama without music is a repast without wine. When men see a great drama without having passed before hand through the initiatory undulations of music, they appear to me as if unconsecrated, unpurified; **music washes away from the soul, the dust of every day life,** and says to each one; ‘thou art now no longer in thine office, or in the barracks, or in thy workshop’.]

      Art came into it when Playboy published it as a quote in 1964 attributing it to art and Picasso. Playboy is to blame for that… haha, who would have ever guessed!! 😀

      You can read the full post if you have the time. Its an interesting website, and could be quite useful next time I go to the trouble of creating a quote. http://quoteinvestigator.com/2016/02/17/soul/

      So…. do I just leave this quote, erase Picasso’s name or delete the post entirely? I still quite like it, but not the inaccuracy. I’m going to think on it for now. Thanks for letting me know Lisa, I wouldn’t have dug any deeper if you hadn’t said. 🙂

        1. You know, I think it actually suits Jazz very well. Jazz certainly removes the dust of life!!! 😀 There is always a small possibility that Art Blakey might have said that at some time. Perhaps he knew about that piece mentioned in the book and kind of requoted it? I think it’s a lot more likely than Picasso ever did. Oh, wish I had a time machine… would solve it all!!

          1. Oh, Blakey absolutely did say it. The question is, did he read it somewhere and just “re-phrase” feeling that jazz, for him, and many others, did brush the dust off of daily life. Sure sits well with me. I can’t say I feel that way about visual art though. I DO feel that way about WordPress and writing though. I’m loving hanging with writer peeps.

            I do have time turner. It’s a necklace. You know the one Hermione used in Harry Potter. It’s fabulous. Some days I have to wear it and use it. LOL

            1. He probably did yes! Writing does it for me to, I’m also a writer and dabble in a bit of art sometimes too. Art, writing, and music all brush the dust off for me. Music probably does it best though… definitely got to have a daily fix of music! Haha… yes use that necklace girl… sounds perfect!! 😉

      1. Gosh, I think our community would find the issue of a “quote meme” that spreads and changes to be really cool! You could sort of write an article on using some of what you told me. I’m a musician and we rip each other off (share) all the time. It’s part of our field. That’s why as a jazz singer I do so much listening (although not lately) I don’t mind. It’s a compliment! But, maybe sometimes, it’s important to give credit or have the original section. I love the issue. Artists share and inspire each other. I would never call it stealing.

        1. I had heard that’s the done thing with musicians and singers, sharing little bits of others work. I think writers do that too a little, but it is often frowned on as stealing. I find the worst for that seem to be poetry writers, artists and also photographers. Some of them get overtly precious about their creations. I always think “get over yourself, there’s a million others who will do it better”. And it’s often the ones who are not that good at what they do. Some of the most talented people are unfazed by others copying or sharing their images online – they know it’s all publicity, so why get angry!

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