Make A Wish


When I was kid, there were so many things that would grant me wishes. Whether it was wishing on a shooting star, blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, or blowing off the seeds of a dandelion in summer. Closing my eyes, I would dream of something special, something I wanted to come true. I can’t remember all of my wishes, any more than I can remember all of the many times I made them, but I what I do remember is the thrill. That thrill of the possible. The idea that dreams actually do come true. Sometimes, I’d get lucky and something I requested would actually happen, but most of the time, those dreams just floated off into the wind. I didn’t worry that they didn’t come true right away. I’m sure some are still floating out there, and maybe, just maybe they’ll come true one day. Unless it was that dream of being an astronaut…

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