London Fog Ombre Cake

the vegetarian ginger

Anyone that knows me knows I don’t do coffee. I non-jokingly become a bit of a psychopath. Shaky hands, clammy palms, crashing hard…it’s a sad sight.

London Fogs on the other hand get thrown back all the time. Earl grey, steamed milk, and vanilla make the perfect combo. If I could hook up an IV filled with it, I probably would. That and matcha.

Toss all of that into a cake, dye it purple, and you have a crowd pleaser.

For the icing, I got the idea to infuse the icing with earl grey from The Cake Blog. I made this cake twice (forgot my camera the first time, cake for everyone!) but the second time I used about 4-5 tea bags and sealed them in a single one. It takes away the step of having to strain out any loose leaf pieces.

There are a few specialized tools that…

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