MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The Mist’ – Revisited

For all its Lovecraftian horrors, Frank Darabont’s 2007 adaptation of Stephen King’s novella The Mist is actually a film about power and the terrible consequences it can have for both those that wield it and those that follow them.

2017 will not only see the tenth anniversary of Darabont’s film but also the release of a new television series based on the same source material. But before we get the chance to revisit that terrifying depiction of the end of the world, we will first witness the beginning of Donald J. Trump’s presidential career, an event many believe will be apocalyptic in its own right.

Stephen King wrote The Mist at the end of the 1970’s, a decade fraught with strife and anxiety. In those past ten years America had lost a war, watched a scandalised president resign, and suffered double-digit unemployment and crushing economic hardship. Camelot had fallen and…

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