Simple strawberries and cream ice cream in funky cones

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Ultimate strawberries and Ice Cream ©©  strawberries and cream ice cream ©

The disparity, why make an ice cream? Why not just eat and enjoy the whistle clean finish of fresh, warm, strawberries and slather them in unctuous local cream with a hint… an insinuation… a mere nuance of golden caster sugar?

Oh why try to improve perfection? The curriculum vitae for strawberries and cream is quite unnecessary.

strawberries and cream ice cream ©  strawberries and cream ice cream ©

Strawberries form part of our finest jewels in the silk lined box of summer delights, hand-harvested, soft-fruits that punctuate the symphony of iced, emollient beige. The disparity resolved as here follows the rational for my no machine, Strawberries and Cream ice cream.

I picked far too many when I made the Strawberry Daiquiri Sorbet and whipped far, far, too much Chantilly cream for a supper party, simple as. Yes, that’s it.

strawberries and cream ice cream ©  strawberries and cream ice cream ©

Just whizz the jolly old strawbs to a sauce, gently and throughly combine with the wondrously whipped, sweetened, vanilla cream, taste, adjust if necessary…

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