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Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies – Anna Olson

Easier than it looks Nutella twist bread

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Hi everyone!  I have been on holiday for nearly two weeks now and  I have been taking advantage of the free time. I have been cooking and baking up a storm and learning new things. One of the goodies I made was this twist bread. I  have always admired these kinds of breads and marveled at how beautiful they look.  I never dared to try making one because I thought it would be too hard and I thought that making the twist would make a mess. I can be a bit clumsy!  But I was feeling rather brave the other day and I decided to make one for the Sunday brunch! That day, I was reminded not to avoid something because it appears difficult. Challenges are good and they  serve to helps us learn and to surprise ourselves! this recipe was not hard and the result was glorious, and this is…

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20 Minute Doughnuts – No Yeast


How TO Make The Blueberry Cake

Transform Your Kitchen Scraps into a Windowsill Garden

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Looking for something to do during the winter months that will make you excited for spring? Try making your own windowsill garden–it’s super easy, fun and you’ll have a head start on your spring garden planting.

Tip: Whenever I buy romaine lettuce, I wash, chop and store it with a paper towel in an airtight container so it will maintain freshness longer. The paper towel absorbs the excess moisture so the lettuce doesn’t get that gross, soggy texture. If it’s already chopped, I’m also more likely to eat it 🙂


Anyway, I never really paid attention to throwing away the base of the lettuce until I read about re-growing it. All you need to do is cut the base about 2-3 inches from the end. Find a bowl or jar and fill it with about 2 inches of water. You don’t want too much water, as it will overpower the base…

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