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Good And Bad Watermelon

Transform Your Kitchen Scraps into a Windowsill Garden

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Looking for something to do during the winter months that will make you excited for spring? Try making your own windowsill garden–it’s super easy, fun and you’ll have a head start on your spring garden planting.

Tip: Whenever I buy romaine lettuce, I wash, chop and store it with a paper towel in an airtight container so it will maintain freshness longer. The paper towel absorbs the excess moisture so the lettuce doesn’t get that gross, soggy texture. If it’s already chopped, I’m also more likely to eat it 🙂


Anyway, I never really paid attention to throwing away the base of the lettuce until I read about re-growing it. All you need to do is cut the base about 2-3 inches from the end. Find a bowl or jar and fill it with about 2 inches of water. You don’t want too much water, as it will overpower the base…

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5 Overnight Beauty tips



“I love fresh fruit and vegetables.
I’m not a strict dieter.
I don’t think that anything in life should be so regimented
that you’re not having fun
or can’t enjoy like everybody else.
Just know that fresh food is always going to be better for you.”

Carrie Ann Inaba
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Sun Shield


Sunscreen… Store bought can be really toxic and blocks our vitamin D absorption which is actually important in protecting us from cancer, is a mood lifter and immune booster. For the most part we don’t even use sunscreen 🙊 gasp! But when we are going to be out in the sun for longer than an hour at a time we cringe and put it on. Then our 6th baby came along as fair as Snow White 😳 and so I felt it was time to finally get on making it homemade. I used a recipe that a friend shared on Facebook from Dr. Axe (love what he does! Make sure you are following him here!) and then added a little bees wax to make it more water proof and bergamot essential oil because I love the smell and it’s calming and good for your skin! I had to leave…

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Another Kind Of Grass

       tumblr_no7p9e54wd1up9ckeo1_1280“Exercise to stimulate, not to annihilate.
The world wasn’t formed in a day, and neither were we.
Set small goals and build upon them.”

Lee Haney
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