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Eyes + Words


“You may never have proof

ofyour importance but you are more

important than you think. There are always

those who couldn’t do without you. The rub

is that you don’t always know who.”

– Robert Fulghum

Photography by Martin Reisch

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Eyes + Words

Written by Jacob Ibrag

You shed light on my blind spots, thought I

had my life figured out. Responsibility was a bad

word, one that you’d consistently bring up. And when

I looked into your luminous lights, I had realized my

true crime. I had been running away from myself,

yet you can’t run away from your shadow.

Photographer Unknown

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An Artist

Life is all about PAIN


Pale fingers

filled with nicotine

On the white paper moved well..

Red eyes

In the imaginary world

glanced and gazed !

I wonder

How far your imaginations reach?

But they never fly over my roof

Where I stand

Each night

With a wish to feel you !!!

Come out of my dreams and imaginations.

Thank you dear Artist. Please contact me, if you ever see this !

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Atop of the World, Mom! (two)

Rantings Of A Third Kind

Posted in the Daily Post: Atop

“Climbing to the top demands strength,
whether it is to the top of Mount Everest
or to the top of your career”
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Atop of the World, Mom!

Fully glass plated houses
All the way up to the very top
This is no place for louses
Nothing hidden, nothing secret
But soon enough, some regrets
As the gazes will never stop

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Love is brief

We don't know anything

Some will love you with all their being
when you stand naked in the kitchen,
because the scent of you is still like roses to innocence.

This is not the professing sort of love,
that begs to be heard,
it is the love that speaks through kisses and silence.
Love that stands alone in just a moment,
then is gone.
Momentary adoration.
Always unspoken.

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The Boy Unable To Speak by Federico Garcia Lorca

Leonard Durso

. .The small boy is looking for his voice.
(The King of the Crickets had it.)
The boy was looking
in a drop of water for his voice.

. .I don’t want the voice to speak with;
I will make a ring from it
that my silence will wear
on its little finger.

. .The small boy was looking
in a drop of water for his voice.

. .(Far away the captured voice
was getting dressed up like a cricket.)

translated by Robert Bly

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