Another Kind Of Grass


His Heart was darker than the starless night
For that there is a morn
But in this black Receptacle
Can be no Bode of Dawn


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Easier than it looks Nutella twist bread

Natascha's Palace


Hi everyone!  I have been on holiday for nearly two weeks now and  I have been taking advantage of the free time. I have been cooking and baking up a storm and learning new things. One of the goodies I made was this twist bread. I  have always admired these kinds of breads and marveled at how beautiful they look.  I never dared to try making one because I thought it would be too hard and I thought that making the twist would make a mess. I can be a bit clumsy!  But I was feeling rather brave the other day and I decided to make one for the Sunday brunch! That day, I was reminded not to avoid something because it appears difficult. Challenges are good and they  serve to helps us learn and to surprise ourselves! this recipe was not hard and the result was glorious, and this is…

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The Search for Lost Lives – James Tate

I was chasing this blue butterfly down
the road when a car came by and clipped me.   
It was nothing serious, but it angered me and
I turned around and cursed the driver who didn’t
even slow down to see if I was hurt.  Then I
returned my attention to the butterfly which   
was nowhere to be seen.  One of the Doubleday   
girls came running up the street with her toy
poodle toward me.  I stopped her and asked,
“Have you seen a blue butterfly around here?”
“It’s down near that birch tree near Grandpa’s,”
she said. “Thanks,” I said, and walked briskly
toward the tree.  It was fluttering from flower
to flower in Mr.  Doubleday’s extensive garden,   
a celestial blueness to soothe the weary heart.   
I didn’t know what I was doing there. I certain-
ly didn’t want to capture it.  It was like
something I had known in another life, even if
it was only in a dream, I wanted to confirm it.   
I was a blind beggar on the streets of Cordoba
when I first saw it, and now, again it was here.
The Search For Lost LivesJames Tate
Cinemagraph: Butteryplanet

Running Out

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The Pink Panther Show – Pinto Pink

Official Pink Panther

20 Minute Doughnuts – No Yeast

FCI Dog dance World Championship 2016 – Winner heelwork to music – Ilina Polina & Ilim (Russia)