Bruno,a baby boy ready for cuddles

La Chulona

This little guy was born in the fall when the air starts to get chilly but not too cold to wear a coat. He enjoys sleeping in the hammock near the window when the sun hits. He looks so comfy in it I sometimes want to join him. He likes to be warm and cozy but is not a fan of big thick jackets.

Bruno is a sleepy head, but he does love to cuddle and let me tell you, he might be the cuddliest baby I know. Little Bruno was expected to be a preemie size toy doll. However, some things don’t go the way we plan and this baby boy was just not ready for preemie clothes yet. Bruno is a little 15 inch toy doll a little too small for preemie clothes but his heart is as big as can be.


When I planned this baby boy…

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Lizzy the koala and her 6-month old joey Phantom were hit by a car on Warrego Highway, in Queensland Australia last week.  She suffered facial damage and a punctured lung.  Miraculously her little joey was unharmed, but veterinary surgeons couldn’t get her baby to let go, so they decided to perform lifesaving surgery with the baby still holding on.

Lizzy has made a full recovery while staying at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital founded by Crocodile Hunter Steve IrwinPhantom, is still holding on!


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