Butterfly Sleeves

Katherine Scrivens Eje

This finished portrait made the journey from home to gallery window today 😊

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GUEST ARTIST: Fantasy Blooms In Watercolor


Hi! I’m Cheryl Sun-Ong, a watercolor artist from Manila, Philippines, and soon to be residing in New South Wales, Australia. (Follow me on Instagram and Facebook!) I’ve always been passionate about art. Even when I was young, I would always fill my school notebooks with doodles and sketches, and would also excel in arts and crafts.

Though I took up Fine Arts and majored in Industrial Design, I ended up becoming a graphic and web designer, to fulfill my dream of entering the corporate world, while still dipping my toes in creativity through digital arts and design. It was only when I quit my job to be a full-time housewife that I found myself longing to use my hands and hold a brush again. So, my sister Katherine encouraged me to try watercolor.

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Thomas Saliot
Thomas Saliot – Saachi Art


GUEST DOODLEWASH: How To Enjoy A Second Career


My name is Rita Drysdall and I live on the Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia on small acreage with my husband and a number of animals (follow me on Facebook and Instagram!). To date, we have 4 cats, a dog, a small herd of alpacas, a goat and a sheep and 3 chickens. I love all the pets but the cats make my life complete.

I was a tax accountant for 30 years but a few years ago I retired from the profession and changed my career direction to graphic design. It was the best thing I could have done and I should have done it sooner.

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Hydrangeas in Crystalline Pottery

Sharon Forthofer's Blog

Hydrangeas in Crystalline Pottery 24x20

24″ x 20″ Oil on Linen with painted edges

This is one of my favorite pieces of pottery with one of my favorite flowers.

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An Artist

Life is all about PAIN


Pale fingers

filled with nicotine

On the white paper moved well..

Red eyes

In the imaginary world

glanced and gazed !

I wonder

How far your imaginations reach?

But they never fly over my roof

Where I stand

Each night

With a wish to feel you !!!

Come out of my dreams and imaginations.

Thank you dear Artist. Please contact me, if you ever see this !

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Another Kind Of Grass

 tumblr_lqnbpfzff11qe0eclo1_r5_500“He saw things in a way that others did not,
so that a city I had lived in all my life seemed a different place,
so that a woman became beautiful with the light on her face.”

Tracy Chevalier (Girl With A Pearl Earring)


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Named by “Forbes” as “The artist who revolutionizes fashion photography in Mexico” and “One of the most influential top 10 Latin photographers” by “E!”, Jvdas Berra has worked for multiple designers, modeling agencies, advertising campaigns and national and international journals, obtaining a rapid professional growth, which has earned him recognition as one of most promising talents in Fashion and Fine Art Photography after only five years of career.  In his own words “I have no limits, not even the sky is”.

A Sunlit Pont Alexandre III. Again. 

The last time I tackled this subject, it resulted in one of my personal favourites of 2016. Already at the back of my mind in 2017 is the need to have a sufficiently strong selection of images ready from for when I exhibit in May. I know that May is still a long time away, but I also know that my output of exhibition quality work isn’t what could be described as prolific, and May is likely to come around pretty quickly!

These two factors led me back to my reference photographs of Le Pont Alexandre III that I took last autumn. The 10 minutes that I spent photographing the view as we crossed this fabulous bridge has provided me with an amazing wealth of subject matter.

Rather than replicate the exact view that I did last time, I wanted to try a slightly different view and a different composition. I…

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