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And After That The Rain by Yehuda Amichai

Leonard Durso

And after all that–the rain.
When we learned to read the book of lingering
And the book of parting,
When our hair learned all the winds
And our sweet free hours
Are trained to run all around
In the ring of time.

After all that–the rain.
A big salty sea
Comes to us, stammering
Sweet and heavy drops.

And after all that–the rain.
See, we too
Pour down
To the one who receives us and doesn’t remember,
the spring earth.

translated by Benjamin & Barbara Harshav

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Cactus Cupcakes

 Hello hello my wee squidgy iced buns and a very warm and cosy welcome back to my little blog.
I hope you all had peachy sweet summers and are getting yourselves stuck back into the new term of autumnal baking. I don’t know about you, but ever since September knocked on my door I’ve been sprinkling cinnamon around the kitchen like i’m the Autumn Spice Fairy and have been popping out crumbles left, right and centre! Anyone for custard? 
I hope you’ve all been doing your homework like the good little angel bakers you are, and have been keeping up with this years series of The Great a British Bake Off. I’m absolutely loving the new series with all its crazy challenges, Noels quirky shirts and as ever,  getting myself way too emotionally attached to it’s batch of  budding bakers.  I could gobble Liam up in one go…

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What Does Your Eye Colour Say About Your Personality?

Be Different Buddy

“The eyes are the window to the soul.”

I have Chocolate brown eyes.. What about you??

We couldn’t agree more. Everything lies in the eyes. The world around us is a mobile photograph of what our eyes see, and technically speaking, half of the things we speak, feel, do and perceive, are first reflected in them. After all, they’re the closest to our mind.

Now here’s the interesting part. Recent studies suggest that our eyes can tell quite a lot about our personality. Scientists at Obero University conducted a small research on a bunch of 428 odd people to come to the conclusion that our eyes really are the window to our soul. Dr Anthony Fallone of Edinburgh University also found similar results. Hence, we decided to give you guys a look into yourself just by going with the colour of your eyes. Find out here:

Dark Brown/Black

Source: duocthienphuc

Pure black…

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