A vision in velvet – crafting the perfect custom dress with eShakti!

where the blueboots go

Finding something to wear around the holidays that makes a lady feel glamorous, gorgeous, and comfortable all in one can be a tall order. Living in a small space, it is a big production (sometimes, lasting for days) of switching out summer clothes for winter layers. This is complicated by a necessary session of anticipating what I’ll feel like wearing in 3-4-5 months from now (winter lasts long in the Northeast!).

By the time a night out or a holiday party comes around, the following can happen,

1) you find an outfit, it fits, you love it still!

2) you just don’t feel like wearing any of the options you have but you have to make it work

3) the worst- you can’t FIT into the outfit you pick out – or you can, but forget about eating all the yummy party food you were looking forward to. 

Ladies, we all…

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Stencilling Furniture

The Vintage Sunflower

I finished this piece well before Christmas and am just now blogging about it!   Sometimes life and illness get in the way.


I bought this piece from someone I know who had good intentions of refinishing it but she never got to it.  It had been painted with several layers of paint-brown, green and white. The white was some kind of shiny lacquer paint that was horrible to sand through but as usual, Sunflower Husband sanded it for me!


Once it was sanded, I stained the top with General Finishes Java Gel Stain 1/2 Pint and sealed it with Polyvine Wax Finish Varnish Dead Flat Pint / 500ml.

The next step was to give it a couple of coats of Ball Jar Blue paint from Heirloom Traditions. I aged it using 80 grit sandpaper.


Once that was finished, it was time for the stencilling.  I was fortunate to…

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Galaxy Dreamcatcher

Julie Erin Designs

galaxy dream catcher dreamcatcher art print

A new design in my shop! Galaxy Dreamcatcher.

This piece is actually created from 2 separate, older works, combined to become new again!

We just moved in to our new home recently so I haven’t had a chance to make any brand-new-from-scratch designs (beside the fact that my scanner isn’t even hooked up yet) so I’m pleased that I was still able to create something to share this week!

Hopefully you guys have most of your holiday shopping finished already, but if not maybe you will find some ideas below:

galaxy dream catcher dreamcatcher throw pillow home decor
Galaxy Dreamcatcher Throw Pillow

galaxy dreamcatcher dream catcher chiffon blouse womens shirt giftGalaxy Dreamcatcher Chiffon Blouse

galaxy dreamcatcher dream catcher iphone 7 case casesGalaxy Dreamcatcher iPhone 7 Case

galaxy dreamcatcher dream catcher comforter society6 blanketGalaxy Dreamcatcher Comforter

galaxy dreamcatcher dream catcher laptop sleeve giftsGalaxy Dreamcatcher Laptop Sleeve

galaxy dreamcatcher dream catcher notebook gift ideas Galaxy Dreamcatcher Notebook

Make sure to check out my Society6 and Redbubble stores to see the full line of products featuring this design, plus lots more!  Maybe you will even find some last minute gifts for your holiday list!

Hope you…

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LIGHT ART (Ples města Znojma 2015)