Real Life Still Life 1

Spirit and Seeing

I’ve been playing with taking the idea of still life photography outside into nature and will sketch out the basic idea here.

I’ve enjoyed still life paintings and photographs for a long time.  After reading Keven Best’s “Still Life Photography” ( I wanted to do some still life work of my own.  Here’s an example, a “found” scene shot in a derelict camping trailer in the woods near Bainbridge, IN.


I hadn’t thought about it when doing this shot, but it has a message, much as the Dutch masters offered.  In this case the title might be “Death by two means”.

There are problems with doing what I call “Real Life Still Life”.  One is that I don’t have and don’t particularly like lighting equipment.  Another is I don’t like to rearrange objects and in the prototypical still life artists may spend days rearranging the subjects.  I will…

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