A vision in velvet – crafting the perfect custom dress with eShakti!

where the blueboots go

Finding something to wear around the holidays that makes a lady feel glamorous, gorgeous, and comfortable all in one can be a tall order. Living in a small space, it is a big production (sometimes, lasting for days) of switching out summer clothes for winter layers. This is complicated by a necessary session of anticipating what I’ll feel like wearing in 3-4-5 months from now (winter lasts long in the Northeast!).

By the time a night out or a holiday party comes around, the following can happen,

1) you find an outfit, it fits, you love it still!

2) you just don’t feel like wearing any of the options you have but you have to make it work

3) the worst- you can’t FIT into the outfit you pick out – or you can, but forget about eating all the yummy party food you were looking forward to. 

Ladies, we all…

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